eConsig – Payroll deduction loan Manager System

The eConsig is a modern and efficient system that contributes to a safely manage of consignable margin, clearly and quick. The software helps in offering the best payroll credit terms to more than 2.5 million public servants, military, private business employees, retirees and pensioners.

It has advanced features such as the launch of payroll rebates, annotations of loans, ranking of rates, among other advantages. Processes monthly about 4.5 million discounts that are reflected in payrolls of more than 200 customers.

Besides modernize and organize the operational process of consignable margin, the eConsig has the Business Intelligence module, which provides access to analytical reports and a management panel to dynamic queries, with views of all discounts, as well as the consumption of consignable margin.

With eConsig, the processes that lasted for days start to last only minutes! Even better, there is no cost to your company.

Manager / Employer

  • Parameter according to the laws of each client.
  • No cost to the paying entity.
  • Custom management information.
  • Better management of consignable margin.

Server / Contributor

  • Queries of ranking of the best rates;
  • Simulations of online loans;
  • Checking the extract discounts through own module to the server / employee.


  • Elimination of operational errors and greater flexibility in the annotations of low-cost;
  • Reduction of payment absence.

Main Features

BI Module – Business Intelligence

Management panel for dynamic queries, with data view of each discount and consumption of consignable margin;
Research can be added by different views:

  • By type or situation of discount or registration;
  • By date of inclusion of the discount;
  • By office;
  • By the consignee.

Anti Fraud Resources

The eConsig system has several security features. Among them:

  • Document scanning;
  • Photo view of the server/employee;
  • Audit module of the transactions;
  • Authorization by electronic password;
  • IP access control and/or digital certificate A3.